Best Skiing Resorts or Hotels

Written by Telemark

Skiing is a winter sport that is played over snows. The player runs on snow through skis. The game is very interesting and old. Though who love skiing specially look for the resorts that have skiing spot. So if you are one of the ski lovers then try any of these primary skiing resorts for your vacation throughout the world.

Resorts at Cortina – Cortina in Italy is one of the best skiing spot and you can play your favorite sport over here if you are staying nearby hotel Cristallo. The skiing spot is scattered at very wide area and blessed with natural beauty. Along with skiing you may spend your time in shopping antique items, furry clothes, eating delicious food and wine in nearby restaurants.


Eagle Point Resort at Utah- Eagle Point is a luxurious resort in Utah, USA. The beautiful scenery of snow sprinkle along with the fun of skiing will worth more than any other vacation experience. The resort’s lift connects two mountains. Enjoy the slopes of snow and do skiing in the afternoon.

Resorts at Pahalgam in India- Pahalgam is located at Anantnag district in JK, India. You will get many accommodation places at Pahalgam district. Here you will not only get skiing spot, also you will get paradise scenery that you will hardly find at any other skiing resort. The best time to visit this place is December to March at this time the thickness of snow is heavy.

Alpe d’Huez in Europe- Alpe d’Huez resort is featured with beautiful scenery and one of the best skiing spot in the world. The resort provides amazing spot for many amusement sports and very nice holiday place. So if you are a fan of skiing and going for world tour then you should not miss the Alpe d’Huez resort.

La Plagne in Europe- La Plagne is one of the best skiing spot in Europe scattered along French Alps, ranges from 1250 and 3250 meters. The huge ski area of 225 km let’s give enough place to skiers to go long way. Along with luxurious comfort of this resort you can enjoy your favorite sport too. So visit here and enjoy the fullest.

la-plagne-ski-liftWhistler in Canada- Another best resort featuring skiing spot is Whistler in Canada. You will get ample skiing place along with the best natural scenery. Don’t miss this skiing resort if you are a ski lover and living in British Columbia.

Resort at Squaw Valley- Another best resort with ski ground is the resort at Squaw Valley. Many winter ski sports are played at this valley and it is one of the most comfortable and suitable ski spot in the world.

Resort at Himachal Pradesh in India- Solang Nala valley at Himachal Pradesh in India is yet another best location for skiers. There is ample number of good resorts nearby the snowy area. Here new learners get taught of skiing and experienced one take participates in the tournaments.

Skiing is really a fun, you not only get entertain by participating in it but also watching others while playing this also brings a feeling of joy. So choose any of the ski based resorts out of the above suggested best resorts in the world.

Life has many things to offer. Out of other adventures, going for ski trip was one of the best adventures for me. The ambiance of the winter season was thrilling and I was very much ready to pour my heart into the snowy madness. Skiing was the best outdoor activity that I have enjoyed in my lifetime. The ski trip was incomplete without my friends and colleagues who were there with me throughout the journey.