What You Need To Know Before Planning Your Skiing Vacation?

Written by Telemark

Be it for an all-friends ski trip or a romantic honeymoon, a family ski holiday or a solo trip, planning is always a must. It is not just about packing your bags enthusiastically and heading out for the snow-capped mountains.

It is also not about turning up at the wrong season and trying to explore the advanced ski trails when you have no training. It’s about planning and knowing the right things to do so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Here are important tips to know before the ski vacation.

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Go Budget-friendly

Go budget-friendly.

It is better to consider the transportation cost to reach the destination and the accommodation. Start saving prior to a year or more so that you are able to contribute monthly to the upcoming trip.

Check online about the ski resorts and especially the lift prices which can be around 100 USD with rental of equipment for about 75-100 USD daily.

If you are a beginner and need ski lessons, keep an additional 50-100 USD for private lessons.

For ski lessons as beginners or for advanced off-piste skiing, make sure you check reviews online and verify whether the instructors are knowledgeable and qualified and size of groups.

Packing Gears

Pack gears you need.

As for skiing shoes, renting them from the resort (if applicable) is better than renting them outside because during your stay, niggles would be ironed before you set out for the slopes.

If you are an infrequent skier, do not buy skis but rent them as the cost of purchase and servicing is quite high.

Bring your own gloves, goggles, thermals, balaclava, ski socks, trousers, fleece top, jacket, long underwear, sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer, sweaters etc.


For more solitude, rent a cabin near or on ski mountains.

Choose an accommodation that is within 5-minutes distance from the ski area because carrying the heavy gears can be tiresome especially for the kids and aged.

Fully furnished condos on the slopes, all-inclusive hotels, shared or catered private chalets and self-catered apartments can be your options.

For more solitude, rent a cabin near or on ski mountains.


Perfectly time your vacation.

Book the tickets early or check when discounts are available.

During off-seasons or shoulder-seasons like from mid-March or before Christmas, the prices are relatively lower.

During Spring i.e. late February through late March which is a great time to ski with kids because there is not much school vacation and ski resorts don’t hike the prices.

The crowd is less that time and you can enjoy the sunny weather along with the powdery snow.

Terrains And Skiing Ability

For beginners, choose a location that has various beginner trails like in Mammoth Mountain or June Mountain and those looking for advanced trails can choose locations like Aspen Mountain with lots of challenging terrains.

Eastern ski mountains are smaller, with challenging forest trails and slushy icy terrains while western ski mountains with steep trails have perfect terrains under sun.

Also plan some off-slope activities like sledding, snowshoeing etc. especially when travelling with kids.

Check out the weather forecast, keep sufficient currency exchange while venturing abroad and don’t forget to buy skiing insurance.  So, when are you heading out for the vacation?

Life has many things to offer. Out of other adventures, going for ski trip was one of the best adventures for me. The ambiance of the winter season was thrilling and I was very much ready to pour my heart into the snowy madness. Skiing was the best outdoor activity that I have enjoyed in my lifetime. The ski trip was incomplete without my friends and colleagues who were there with me throughout the journey.