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Please send preregistration information for the following events. (Include name and date of each event)


I would like to register for the following events.(Include name and date of each event) A detailed description of the course will be sent with your confirmation. Please include payment in full. Lift tickets for the host resorts are not included in the cost of event. Discount lift tickets will be available to course participants. Refund/cancellation policy is stated on the calendar page of NATO website.


Telemar Workshop $225.00 ____  Telemark Instructor Training $250.00 ____   

Bumps and Trees/Secret Stash $250.00____   2 day Adventure Tour $250.00 ____ 

Gaspe Tele Camp $875.00 ____   

Enclosed is a check or money order or charge to my credit card. Make checks payable to Nato.

Master Card____ Visa____

Credit Card #_________________________________________ Expiration Date_________

Total Charge_____________________

You may register for and pay for courses by mail, phone, or e-mail.

North American Telemark Organization
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